Catoctin Mountain Park- Wolf and Chimney Rock Trail

Early Fall (September 23rd) we traveled to Catoctin Mountain Park to do one of the East trails: Visitor Center- Wolf Rock- Chimney Rock hike.

We planned for the 3.9 mile hike, but somehow ended up going about 5.5 miles or 16,000 steps (according to Brian’s Fitbit). The trail was mostly rocky with some diverse dirt patches.

Wolf rock was a bunch of rocks! There were crevices and drop-offs galore. It was great to climb all over and get that look from Brian that said “don’t you dare go any further!” We stopped to take a break, snack on some Thin Wheats, and mark our territory.

Chimney Rock wasn’t too far and had more of an open view to the surrounding mountains. Climbing these rocks is discouraged and we didn’t bother trying to get the the last boulder for the clearest view (too big of a gap for us that we’d have to literally jump).

We followed red markings of the looping Visitor Center- Wolf Rock- Chimney Rock trail toward where we parked. This seemed to take forever and I did not pack enough water for the longer than anticipated hike. We followed the markers and followed. Eventually we ended up at the Visitor Center. The old water fountain outside didn’t work and I was freaking out as I would. Inside they had one of the nice new fountains that has a spot for water bottles.

We didn’t have much time to look around since they were closing soon. They had some area information, stuff to buy, and a display case of taxidermied animals of the area. We had only seen a bee, some wasps, and gnats on the trail. It was nice to sort of see what animals were hiding in the area.

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